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Special Security Services

MANI Special Security Services engage in providing our experience and trained security personal to Factories, Shopping Malls, Government Organizations, Institutions, Hospitals, Staff Quarters, and labor camps.

MANI Clients are free of any security risk, since MANI Security Personals are adept in handling any situation since they have had exposure and experienced in the field. We are committed to providing high-quality, community orientated, sensitive security services, secure team protecting personnel and properties and problem solving teamwork.

MANI Security personnel come with great experience and combat skills, and are mostly polyglot. They are quite dependable and adoptable to any situation.

Our principal functions are: Attempt to provide personal safety for members of the clients and visitors within the premises, Crime Prevention, Provide security for designated functions, Reporting hazardous and unsafe conditions regarding client’s property.

MANI Special Security personnel are work enforcement of client’s rules and regulations, and provide services as outlined by client and procedure.

Our Mission is to serve the client and their employees, contractors, in a manner that is unsurpassed and serve as the standard for others to emulate.